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How to Prepare for Your Dream Wedding at Belle Mer in Newport, RI

Newport, Rhode Island, is known for its stunning coastal beauty and rich history, making it a perfect destination for a romantic wedding. If you’ve chosen Belle Mer as your wedding venue, you’re in for a treat! With breathtaking views of the Narragansett Bay and elegant event spaces, Belle Mer promises an unforgettable wedding day. To ensure your big day goes off without a hitch, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for your wedding at Belle Mer.

Secure Your Date at Belle Mer:

First, start your wedding planning by booking a date at Belle Mer. This elegant venue is in high demand, so make your reservation well in advance to ensure you get your desired date. Once your date is set, you can begin planning the rest of your wedding details.

Hire a Wedding Planner:

Consider hiring a wedding planner or full-day coordinator to manage the details and ensure a smooth flow of your wedding day. For example, helping with getting ready all the way to the end of the night rallying up your personal items, and any other responsibilities. They can assist with coordinating vendors, timelines, and any unexpected issues. For instance, you are short on candles and you need someone to rush to the nearest store to finish the design. (this actually happened!)

Create a Budget:

Determine your wedding budget early in the planning process. This will guide your decisions and help you prioritize what’s most important to you on your special day. Belle Mer offers a variety of wedding packages, so consider your budget when selecting the package that suits you best.

Choose Your Vendors:

Selecting the right vendors is crucial to the success of your wedding. Belle Mer has a list of preferred vendors that are familiar with the venue, but you can also choose your own. These may include a photographer, florist, and entertainment. Review their portfolios, get recommendations, and ensure they align with your vision. Belle Mer provides in-house catering so keep that in mind if you originally considered an outside company.

Wedding Theme and Decor:

Determine your wedding theme and style. Belle Mer’s contemporary design and neutral color palette allow for various décor options. To illustrate your perfect vision, consider floral arrangements, table settings, lighting, and any other decorations that fit your vision. Belle Mer’s natural beauty complements both minimalist and elaborate themes. They also offer a selection of linens, table settings, and chairs for you to select from through their partnership with peak rentals.

Plan for Accommodations:

Consider your guests’ accommodations. Newport has a range of hotels and inns, so be sure to reserve a block of rooms for your guests at a place that suits various budgets. For example, Newport Harbor Island Resort located next door has a wide selection of rooms available.

Guest List and Invitations:

Finalize your guest list and create invitations that match your wedding theme. Send out save-the-dates and invitations well in advance, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner:

Plan a rehearsal dinner the day before your wedding. Newport offers plenty of great restaurants with a variety of cuisines to choose from for your pre-wedding celebration.

Enjoy the Day at Belle Mer:

You’ve done all the necessary tasks to prepare for your belle mer wedding..

On your wedding day, relax and enjoy the moment. Belle Mer’s picturesque surroundings will make your day truly magical. Trust your planning and vendors to execute your vision while you create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Preparing for your wedding at Belle Mer in Newport, RI can be an exhilarating and rewarding journey. By securing your date, creating a budget, choosing the right vendors, and considering all the necessary details, your dream wedding by the sea will be a reality. With Newport’s charm and Belle Mer’s elegance, your special day will be unforgettable for you and your guests. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness!

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