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50 shades of Burgundy at Belle Mer in Newport

Belle Mer is one of Newport, Rhode Island’s most sought-after wedding venues in Newport! It is most iconic for its oceanfront white wall, modern architecture, and stunning view of Newport’s coastline. When choosing a Newport venue, you can’t beat an uninterrupted view of the Pell bridge that makes for an iconic backdrop in this tiny coastal city. When Tinisha and Doug decided to get married here at Belle Mer, they had fallen in love with the overall aesthetic of this place and who could blame them? It’s GORGEOUS HERE! The color scheme for this wedding was all Tinisha’s idea. She clearly knows good color combos when she sees them or in this case, makes them. She incorporated her love for burgundy along with roses as her main flower, a wonderful tribute to her late mom since roses were her favorite. Doug’s suit was also custom-made for the occasion, sporting a black base with a unique red pattern. If you are looking to make a statement as strong as your brides, a custom suit with an unorthodox pattern or color is the way to go. The staircase and tables were adorned with lush florals and greenery that made a bold statement. Accompanied by hints of gold to bring the glam that fits effortlessly at Belle Mer. Between the details in the design and love poured out from friends and family, Doug and Tinisha held a wedding that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We also couldn’t have asked for a more epic wedding industry team to help us tackle the day!

This beautiful place has lured us to these grounds quite a few times and we get so excited for the couples we get to photograph here! As natural light photographers, we highly recommend this place if you feel strongly about having an ethereal aesthetic for your wedding! Why? Because we are huge fans of all-white everything accompanied by Large windows. You can bet that Belle Mer is definitely not lacking in either category. In order to have that dreamy light & airy look for your images, not only do you need a photographer who shoots and edits in this style, but your venue choice and color pallet need to match that. The neutral ambiance that Belle Mer has will help enforce this so you can have the cohesive wedding that you are dreaming of.

Belle Mer is owned by the Longwood Venue company and operates various locations between Massachusetts and Rhode Island.