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A Raw Look at our Favorite Newport Venue

Even though there are images all over the internet of this stunning venue, you typically won’t see images of it in its natural state. Unadorned by wedding decor and guests, This venue is STILL a beautiful place to check out. When you are overwhelmed by the inspiration of other couples, it’s good to see a “clean slate” so you have room to let your own imagination take over and come up with something unique to you and your fiance’s personalities.

This property is owned and operated by the Longwood Venues company which has a few other immaculate and modern event properties spread out between Newport and Boston, Massachusetts. Their venue facilities all offer their own taste of grandeur with a different style that suits each and every individual couple. Although each location is stunning in its own right, Belle Mer is hands down our favorite. If you are looking for a coastal venue with the perfect combination of pristine views inside and out, then look no further than here!